What’s the meaning of Live8!

“I want to meet a man with no words. I want to talk with him.” What do you mean Lao-Tzu? If the ancient bearer of intricate words met Bob Geldof, the creases may start to show on even his forehead. Geldof has some very direct words. And a lot of people want to talk with, or to him. What does it mean?

The open-faced juggernaut behind Live8 has delivered and received lorry-loads of words in the past few weeks. Some points have been considerably blunter than his. Michelle Lahana – manager for Senegalese star, Youssou N’Dour “ told Blink: “Not involving African people is like neo-colonialism.”

Also commenting on the number of African musicians scheduled to play at the Live8 venues, others have delivered pointy, but less massive words. Damon Albarn commented, “If you are holding a party on behalf of people, then surely you don’t shut the door on them.” Labour MP, Diane Abbott has joined the chorus, stating: “I don’t think they really tried. Bob Geldof went into his address book and picked up all the middle-aged rockers. We need to pull in a more diverse audience.”

I can’t work out if these words are full of meaning or, perhaps, just mean.

Geldof may not be the Man With no Words. But the words with which he started the Live8 campaign seemed simple; to the point: The Live8 website immediately introduces the impending G8 summit and states: “That’s why we’re staging Live8. 1 message. To get those eight men, in that one room, to stop 30,000 children dying every single day of extreme poverty…we don’t want your money – we want you!”

It could be that Lai-Tzu wouldn’t be confused by Geldof at all; I think I get what the great sage means. Or as Elvis put it: “a little less conversation, a little more action please?”


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